The AK Project – Album Art Breakdown
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The AK Project – Album Art Breakdown

The main idea behind this piece was to create an object that has the appearance of incredible fury and energy but is in reality quite static. I chose the image of a stylized tree to realize this idea.  It’s a still object but has all the details and energy of something in motion.  Here’s a quick overview of the steps I used to create the image:

— In 3DS Max I created a 3D tree object using the ‘foliage’ object.
— Next I used the ‘twist’ modifier to give it that ‘thrashing energy’ look, plus a turbosmooth to clean up any jagged edges.
— I used Mental Ray to render out a high res image with an alpha for use in Photoshop.
— In PS I created a nice desolate background using photographic elements and digital painting.
— Next I added the tree render from 3DS Max and added some tweaks and enhancements.
— Flame elements were added to add to the sense of energy in the scene.

It was definitely a fun project and I look forward to collaborating with AK again!  –J


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