Overdrive Update

New Characters

It’s been a little while since my last update.  I’ve been busily toiling away at modeling and rigging some neat new monsters and characters for Overdrive.  It’s a pretty big task to work through, especially considering my workflow.

I’ve been starting with Sculptris to model my characters, next it’s over to 3D-Coat to do the detailing and remeshing.  I Import mesh into 3DS MAX and lay out the UVs.  Next step is xNormal to extract all of my fine details into high-res normal maps, displacement and textures, followed by editing in Photoshop.  Next I take my final UV’d mesh from 3DS MAX and bring it back into 3D-Coat to set up all my morph targets, including all mouth shapes for characters that talk.  Back to MAX for rigging, shaders, cloth sims and sometimes fur.  I often rig hero characters with a custom setup as well as a biped version in case I ever need to use mocap data.

The images above are a bit of a tease for now.  I’ll reveal a bit more in the next week or so with some new character posters.  Once I have my monsters finalized it’s time for my first script revision and some initial meetings with the voice talent.  Then it’s back to modeling to create my human characters and environments.  Stay tuned 🙂

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